Matt Salisbury


Boxing is an unnatural act….instead of running from the pain – like a sane person would do, you step into it.

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Matt’s inspired by the film The Mighty Ducks, which says: “A team isn’t a bunch of kids out to win. A team is something you belong to, something you feel, something you have to earn”. Matt is an avid sportsman, and still loves both snow and water skiing. But he does miss his team sporting days, and it’s the sporting field which motivates him to continue building a strong team environment and culture here at Salisburys.

In his role as CEO, Matt feels that, by focusing on the strategies and processes needed, the scoreboard will take care of itself. And he’s always got one eye on the scoreboard, especially when his beloved Collingwood Magpies are playing. When Matt’s not disrupting the traditional accounting model, he is spending valuable time with his wife and girls in their own little piece of paradise.

Matt thrives on being an accountant, as it affords him the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives. He gains great satisfaction from watching the “light bulb” moments, when the client sees the real-life impact of strategies implemented in partnership with Salisburys. By assisting the Salisbury clients to run successful businesses, it means they have more time, energy and resources to put back into their family and local community. Then everyone’s winning.

Michael Chittick

Client Director

Being able to make a tangible difference to clients is the main thing

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Every company’s got to have one. An Eagles supporter that is.

No, seriously, despite a love of West Coast Mick’s a good guy; and an even better business analyst and SMSF specialist. He is your man for business advisory and SMSF structuring, and is a natural problem solver. His greatest client achievements are when he and the client successfully nut out a financial solution – and his plans work!

Michael values perseverance. He is inspired by the Shawshank Redemption, where the message is to persevere when things don’t always go as you had planned – and if things look a bit gloomy, then brighter skies are just around the corner. Michael went looking for brighter skies, and he and his growing family have certainly found them here on the Border.

Michael Mitchell

Client Director

If you are not making mistakes you are not having a go

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“Don’t worry until I tell you to!” That’s Michael’s favourite thing to say to a stressed-out client and he has a knack of putting people at ease. Michael’s clued up, and switched on. As business advisor to his band of merry SMEs, Michael gets a kick out of solving tricky issues, minimising tax, and making the numbers work for his clients.

A big fan of bike riding and chasing his children, he loves the journey made in the book “The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared”. And no, it’s not an autobiography.

He finds it inspiring because it’s about always having a go. It shows that, no matter your age, you can live every day to its fullest just by trying; and with a smile on your face. It’s that attitude that makes Michael a successful mentor to the Salisbury team.

Finally, Michael is sure the Cats will win another premiership this year. We’re not sure about that, but we are sure about Michael’s nose for the numbers and his love of the job.

Rob Salisbury


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Rob has acted as business partner and financial advisor for a wide variety of respected local businesses and families since starting his own accounting practice in 1988. While Rob has an enviable reputation in business advisory, at heart he is a true numbers man. Rob has been appointed a forensic accountant and served as an expert witness in some notorious and high-profile financial cases over the last few decades, and is still called upon today.

Since selling Rob Salisbury and Partners to his son Matt in June 2013, Rob remains passionate about the accounting profession. A respected and influential community leader and a Rotarian, he humbly gives his time to a wide range of local causes, notably Meals on Wheels. Rob instilled in the culture of his business the value of continuous community service, and this value lives on today.

Kirsten Mitchell

Senior Client Manager

Don’t look back, you’re not going that way!

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Kirsten manages her loyal group of business clients with the same efficiency and compassion as she nurtures her active family. Clearly a busy woman with her finger on the pulse of all things business advisory, Kirsten relaxes by going to the gym, followed by a few wines with her buddies. Or is that the other way around?

Incongruously, Kirsten is inspired by both the rabbits of Watership Down, and the American who dares greatly, Brene Brown. However, there is a link. Both the rabbits and Brene Brown focus on recognising your vulnerabilities and turning them into strengths.
A love of lifelong learning is one of Kirsten’s strengths. Her primary achievement when working with clients is helping them to achieve their financial goals, and she loves seeing a smiling client walk out the door.

Jessica Scheidat

Client Manager

It’s always great to see our clients doing well … and part of their success feels like our success

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Jessica loves to try new recipes, and in her spare time you’ll find her either cooking up a storm or going out and trying the latest hit restaurant.

Jessica follows the ingredients list come tax time, but has that special chef’s touch to ensure the best result possible for her clients. Jessica is more than the facts and the figures; her speciality is providing guidance through the complexities of their accounts and helping clients come to the right decisions.

Jessica’s favourite book is the comic science fiction classic, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Why? Well, it sums up life, politics, religion and human interactions in a very funny and poignant way, without being too serious or philosophical. And it’s a good read.

Sally Knight

Client Manager

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever – Mahatma Gandhi

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Sally is inspired by Steve Jobs, chiefly because he always followed his beliefs even if they were belittled or unconventional. Channeling her inner artist, Sally is not afraid to challenge the status quo or follow an alternative path.

Sally loves exploring those alternative paths for business clients needing a problem solved. Sally’s client meetings are an open space, and she loves ideas to be thrown around. Just ideas though, keep the furniture in place.

Outside of work, Sally is a voracious reader and traveler, and a vivacious guest at any gathering. She’s creative too, something she carries into her professional life. Because her favourite thing about being an accountant? Exploring client ideas and visions, and helping to mould them into a successful business.

Emily Deery

Client Manager

The challenges and variety … in helping clients with managing and growing their businesses is what keeps me coming back

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Emily’s head is in the clouds. Yes, literally. She is Salisbury’s resident Xero accounting software guru and the first stop for the team when it comes to cloud computing.

But when it comes to tax, her feet are on the ground. And she happily admits to enjoying the taxation work, with an accountant’s true recognition that from good tax planning comes excellent business planning. She gains her greatest satisfaction from easing a client’s stress in a matter of minutes by providing a clear explanation on a tax or business issue.

So it’s clear that Emily’s handy to have around the office. She’s also pretty handy in her personal life, and always has at least one creative project on the go. The book which most inspires her is a must-read for any WW2II buffs, Into the Jaws of Death: The True Story of the Legendary Raid on Saint-Nazaire, by Robert Lyman. Emily’s great-uncle was one of the twenty or so commandos who survived the raid.

Sarah Senini


A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there

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Waking every day with a positive attitude – helped along with a coffee – Sarah is an influential member of the accounting team. With a focus on her band of small to medium-sized business clients and individuals, Sarah gets a kick out of helping her clients achieve their goals.

A lover of coffee with friends and camping with the family, Sarah is inspired by Turia Pitt’s novel of survival, Everything to live for, because “through everything she still manages to see the positives”.

Learning something new every day at work keeps it fresh, and when she needs an escape she plays some serious attack on the netball courts.

Louise May


Treat others how you want to be treated

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Louise thrives on the intricacies of tax returns, and doesn’t mind some sticky bookkeeping issues either. But what she loves most about being an accountant is that no day is ever the same, there are always new clients to help, interesting conversations to be had, and innovations in technology to find out about.

Louise is an explorer. Not just of numbers, but of the world too. A love of travelling, lying on a beautiful beach, flicking through the latest cookbook, or a great conversation with the family, it’s all part of the pursuit of happiness for Louise. That’s her favourite film too. Why? It’s the resilience of the main character, and his ability to continuously pick himself up again, that resonates.

Marilou Cuyasan


Self-motivation is the power that raises a man to any level he seeks – John Maxwell

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Lou’s favourite film is the Marva Collins Story, a story about a teacher who faces adversity and never gives up on her students. Even when people don’t believe in her, Marva rises above emotional challenges to dedicate herself to the betterment of children and wider society through education.

It’s the idea of betterment that appeals to Lou, who is always striving to better herself through education and work experience. On the job, she derives the most satisfaction from meeting her client needs and ensuring a happy bookkeeping experience for all. On a personal level, she’s reaching new heights as she treks her way to the stars.

Kylie Luxford

Client Services Manager

Life is too short to argue and fight.  Count your blessings, value your friends and move on with your head held high.

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Everyone’s got an integral cog in the business wheel, and Kylie is ours. Our in-house mother hen, Kylie is not only a fantastic cook but watches over the daily management of Salisburys with the same concern as a rising pavlova.

And Kylie’s embracing the current journey at Salisburys, with her number one motivation watching a new business model emerge and blossom into a thriving venture. Want to know something handy? Kylie really enjoys assisting clients with ATO and ASIC queries.

A romantic at heart who likes a good laugh, her favourite films are the Notebook, My Sisters Keeper and Bridesmaids. To retreat from the whirlwind of her life at Salisburys and entertaining the family, Kylie goes for long walks on her property with her beloved dogs.

Chiana Malonzo

Client Services Assistant

Failure is an event. It is not a person.

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Chiana is our no-fear client services assistant and finds cloud computing strangely compelling. With a passion for life’s journey and a focus on success, Chiana gets a kick out of helping others.

Living the message, Chiana’s favourite book is the Debt Free Lifestyle by Andrew Luison. In it, Andrew provides a pragmatic and concise guide on how people manage not only their wealth, but their wellbeing. When Chiana’s not at work she’s avidly reading blogs, articles and books, pausing only to spend some quality time with her young family.

Catherine Schubert

Client Services Assistant

Smile and the world smiles with you.

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Catherine is all things client services and an invaluable daily support to our accountants and clients. We would be lost without her, and so would the soccer teams of Wodonga as she taxies around many of Wodonga’s key players!

One of her favourite activities is watching her children play soccer, followed only by travelling and having fun with the family. Especially her sister, who she works with here at Salisburys. Catherine is an easy-going and friendly team member, and seeing a smile on the client’s face puts a smile on hers.