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Business Action Plans

A hit-and-spin approach to action planning your way through COVD-19

By Ben Gay, Salisburys Director

Following on from our last article about business planning for FY2021, we wanted to briefly delve into each of the key components on developing your plan.

As there is plenty written about goal setting and how to do that, we will skip straight to Action Plans and their differences to planning itself.

Let’s frame business planning by quoting Mike Tyson’s trainer:

“Everyone has a plan until you’re punched in the face”

Right now, for so many of us there are plenty of punches being thrown, so it’s all about how well we can hit-and-spin and how well we clearly define the key actions needed to achieve our goals or develop new goals, depending on where those punches land .

That’s why we like the term Action Plan

It’s all well to plan, but an Action Plan provides an actual series of key action items or tasks that need to be completed to achieve your goals.

By Action Planning, you need to define key tasks, the resources required to complete them and make sure each task has clearly defined responsibilities as to who is going to carry them out and the due dates associated with each.

Without those action items defined, it’s very hard for you to know how you’re actually going to get to that goal or target you have set.

At Salisburys, we urge you think about what you’re trying to achieve and identify the key actions you need to put in place.

Of course if you run into Mike Tyson, or a new COVID-19 restriction impacts you or puts restraints on the way you’re currently operating, then hit-and-spin. Reset your goals and assess the action items (again) that you need to put in place to achieve the new ones.

At Salisbury Accountants & Business Advisors we believe that good business advice is not just about numbers; it’s partnering with business owners to solve personal operational and strategic challenges.

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