Josh Patrick and Ben fundraising for Movember

Movember 2020 update

Salisburys Mosburys Week 1

We have Movember Week 1 under our strops (think about it) and we all know what that means: the razor is locked away, the upper lip is starting to itch and donors everywhere are chucking one in the tin for men’s health.

Movember 2020 is making its presence known all over the country but, for some, progress can be a lifestyle shift all together!

Salisbury Mosbury team member Patrick Rorke is one such fundraiser who, on the 1st of November, became beardless for the first time since 2007. Regardless of the fact he is now sleeping in the spare room till at least the third week of Movember, he is committed to this great cause – a true Mosbury.

Movember veterans say never fear. What is visible only under microscope today blooms into fine form in just a matter of weeks. By Day 30, the man and his mo will barely be recognisable and life will return to normal for some of us. And no matter the result, he’s taking a huge step for men’s health.

From the Salisbury Mosbury Team we would like to leave you with a brief description of the Mosbury Man:

A Mosbury man is a gentleman of outstanding character, brave, courageous and kind. They are willing to go the extra mile to make your day that little bit better. You will find them cruising the corridors of Salisburys, always ready with a smile and an enlightening comment. Connoisseurs of good beer, fine wine and great steak, their smart but sophisticated facial hair is sure to raise your interest.

We reckon that’s quite the high note to end our first week! Stay tuned or read more on our Movember fundraising page here »

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