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NSW residential tenancy support payment

Apply for the residential tenancy support payment

The residential tenancy support payment is available to eligible landlords who agree to reduce the rent of COVID-19 impacted tenants from 14 July 2021.

Support payments are paid directly into the account of the landlord or their managing agent.

Landlords can separately claim for each rental property they own. If payment is received, a landlord cannot ask the tenant to repay the amount they received.

The amount per tenancy agreement has been increased from the original $1,500 and now capped at $3,000 or the amount of reduced rent from 14 July 2021, whichever is lower.

Note: From 27 August 2021, applicants can apply for amounts between $1,500 to $3,000.

Applicants that have already applied for $1,500 will need to lodge a second claim of up to $1,500 and provide another completed Rent Variation agreement. You can only claim the further reduction that you’ve passed onto your tenant(s) or the additional $1500.00, whichever is the lower.

The NSW Government is also providing land tax relief for both commercial and residential properties where the tenant’s rent has been reduced. Residential landlords can apply for either the residential tenancy support payment or the COVID-19 land tax relief. They cannot apply for both.


To be eligible for the payment, applicants must:

  • be a landlord or managing agent
  • have proof of the residential tenancy agreement(s) with tenant(s) such as:
    • a rental bond number, or
    • a written tenancy agreement if no bond has been lodged.
  • have reduced the rent for COVID-19 impacted tenant(s) from 14 July 2021.

For more information on how to apply, including details on required documents for applicants and information for tenants, please visit the Service NSW website.

Salisbury Accountants can provide assistance to our clients as we have done with previous NSW grant programs. Call our team in Albury on 02 6041 3014.

Source: NSW Government