Here at Salisbury Accountants and Business Advisors we know it’s time to turn the traditional accounting practice service and fees model on its head. Clients are demanding their accountant to guide them through their personal and business financial journeys. Clients are looking for a transparent and equal relationship, where services, deadlines and fees are agreed up front.

Salisburys are drawing upon 30 years’ service to our local community to lead a revolution disrupting how accounting services are packaged and priced.

We’ve spoken to our clients and colleagues, our friends and families. And what is the one universal message about professional services? It’s time for a fundamental change.

So, don’t believe the story that the highest regarded professionals cannot provide an estimate of fees up-front. Because it’s just not true anymore.

Accounting and financial services, like all professions, can estimate professional fees based on the level of expertise needed and the service being provided.

So, what can you expect? The same quality, discreet and trusted professional services you can rely on, under a new model promoting greater efficiency, flexibility and transparency. That’s our promise to you.

We deliver fixed fees for a fixed service.

Quoted up-front, and agreed to before commencement.

We deliver on our deadlines.

We promise short but realistic timelines. Timelines which are published, reliable, fair and most importantly – delivered on.

We deliver a high-quality, discreet, professional service.

And it’s based on our agreed values. Caring and positive relationships, ethical professional and personal behaviour, openness to diversity and new ideas, and clear and concise communications.

We deliver what we say we’re going to.

Personal accountability has been our core belief for 30 years – and that’s not going to change.