Matt Salisbury


Boxing is an unnatural act….instead of running from the pain – like a sane person would do, you step into it.

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Matt’s inspired by the film The Mighty Ducks, which says: “A team isn’t a bunch of kids out to win. A team is something you belong to, something you feel, something you have to earn”. Matt is an avid sportsman, and still loves both snow and water skiing. But he does miss his team sporting days, and it’s the sporting field which motivates him to continue building a strong team environment and culture here at Salisburys.

In his role as CEO, Matt feels that, by focusing on the strategies and processes needed, the scoreboard will take care of itself. And he’s always got one eye on the scoreboard, especially when his beloved Collingwood Magpies are playing. When Matt’s not disrupting the traditional accounting model, he is spending valuable time with his wife and girls in their own little piece of paradise.

Matt thrives on being an accountant, as it affords him the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives. He gains great satisfaction from watching the “light bulb” moments, when the client sees the real-life impact of strategies implemented in partnership with Salisburys. By assisting the Salisbury clients to run successful businesses, it means they have more time, energy and resources to put back into their family and local community. Then everyone’s winning.

  • Ben Gay - Director

Ben Gay


Back yourself, always, no one else will

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What’s Ben’s difference? Well, he’s not an accountant. Ben brings 20 plus years’ experience as a CEO, management consultant, investment manager, corporate advisor and business owner to his role as the newest Director at Salisburys.

Ben provides strategic advice to our business clients, driving the implementation of real change. He wants to help clients improve the running of their business, and derives great pleasure from seeing how positive change flows through the business down to its people.

Ben’s all about building a collective team culture here at Salisburys. He allows our people to develop and broaden their advisory skills, becoming better at what they do and stay true to why they do it. He is constantly striving to improve the way we do things and to create a team environment which people are proud of.

When Ben’s not rolling up the shirt sleeves to work with our business clients, he’s running around after his three young children. He’s always on the move, either hitting the pavement or the ski slopes – often with the kids in tow. Ben’s a reader and his favourite book is the Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Why? It captures the inspiring determination and the strength of human spirit to overcome any obstacle, while reminding us of the precious importance of living in the moment.

Patrick Rorke


Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

A knowledgeable accounting professional across business accounting and superannuation, Patrick applies his considerable expertise to work on finding practical solutions for Salisbury’s clients.

Growing up in rural NSW, Patrick has a strong track record as a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) operating throughout NSW and brings over 15 years of specialist knowledge to Salisburys. Being Xero Platinum Partners, Patrick also complements our team as another Certified Xero Adviser by helping clients and communicating key business accounting concepts through technology.

It’s not just about the numbers, but the genuine interactions with real people that Patrick focusses on. In his spare time, Patrick loves gardening, kayaking, hiking and travelling.

Rob Salisbury


Rob has acted as business partner and financial advisor for a wide variety of respected local businesses and families since starting his own accounting practice in 1988. While Rob has an enviable reputation in business advisory, at heart he is a true numbers man. Rob has been appointed a forensic accountant and served as an expert witness in some notorious and high-profile financial cases over the last few decades, and is still called upon today.

Since selling Rob Salisbury and Partners to his son Matt in June 2013, Rob remains passionate about the accounting profession. A respected and influential community leader and a Rotarian, he humbly gives his time to a wide range of local causes, notably Meals on Wheels. Rob instilled in the culture of his business the value of continuous community service, and this value lives on today.

Sally Knight

Client Manager

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever – Mahatma Gandhi

Sally is inspired by Steve Jobs, chiefly because he always followed his beliefs even if they were belittled or unconventional. Channeling her inner artist, Sally is not afraid to challenge the status quo or follow an alternative path.

Sally loves exploring those alternative paths for business clients needing a problem solved. Sally’s client meetings are an open space, and she loves ideas to be thrown around. Just ideas though, keep the furniture in place.

Outside of work, Sally is a voracious reader and traveler, and a vivacious guest at any gathering. She’s creative too, something she carries into her professional life. Because her favourite thing about being an accountant? Exploring client ideas and visions, and helping to mould them into a successful business.

Emily Deery

Client Manager

The challenges and variety … in helping clients with managing and growing their businesses is what keeps me coming back

Emily’s head is in the clouds. Yes, literally. She is Salisbury’s resident Xero accounting software guru and the first stop for the team when it comes to cloud computing.

But when it comes to tax, her feet are on the ground. And she happily admits to enjoying the taxation work, with an accountant’s true recognition that from good tax planning comes excellent business planning. She gains her greatest satisfaction from easing a client’s stress in a matter of minutes by providing a clear explanation on a tax or business issue.

So it’s clear that Emily’s handy to have around the office. She’s also pretty handy in her personal life, and always has at least one creative project on the go. The book which most inspires her is a must-read for any WW2II buffs, Into the Jaws of Death: The True Story of the Legendary Raid on Saint-Nazaire, by Robert Lyman. Emily’s great-uncle was one of the twenty or so commandos who survived the raid.

Josh McNeill


Good. Better. Best.

Never let it rest

Till your good is better

And your better – best.

Aside from being able to drill into accounting technology and optimising cloud solutions, Salisbury’s Accountant Josh McNeill loves building relationships with our clients and helping them successfully achieve their goals.

“The emotion on clients’ faces when we visit and to have the opportunity to be shown around and talk about their businesses is invaluable,” says Josh. “Enabling our clients to have more discretionary time to do the things they love (because of cloud accounting and apps) is very much what we’re about, whether that be spending more time with family, taking more holidays or even more fishing.”

Outside of work (‘outside’ being the operative word), Josh loves his sport – AFL, cricket, golf, fishing – and the wide-open spaces either camping and fishing with mates or getting back to the farm.

The Shawshank Redemption is a fave movie because, Josh believes, it shows how important it is to never give up, no matter how difficult things seem to be.

Kylie Luxford

Client Services Manager

Life is too short to argue and fight.  Count your blessings, value your friends and move on with your head held high.

Everyone’s got an integral cog in the business wheel, and Kylie is ours. Our in-house mother hen, Kylie is not only a fantastic cook but watches over the daily management of Salisburys with the same concern as a rising pavlova.

And Kylie’s embracing the current journey at Salisburys, with her number one motivation watching a new business model emerge and blossom into a thriving venture. Want to know something handy? Kylie really enjoys assisting clients with ATO and ASIC queries.

A romantic at heart who likes a good laugh, her favourite films are the Notebook, My Sisters Keeper and Bridesmaids. To retreat from the whirlwind of her life at Salisburys and entertaining the family, Kylie goes for long walks on her property with her beloved dogs.

Chiana Malonzo

Client Services Assistant

Failure is an event. It is not a person.

Chiana is our no-fear client services assistant and finds cloud computing strangely compelling. With a passion for life’s journey and a focus on success, Chiana gets a kick out of helping others.

Living the message, Chiana’s favourite book is the Debt Free Lifestyle by Andrew Luison. In it, Andrew provides a pragmatic and concise guide on how people manage not only their wealth, but their wellbeing. When Chiana’s not at work she’s avidly reading blogs, articles and books, pausing only to spend some quality time with her young family.

Catherine Schubert

Client Services Assistant

Smile and the world smiles with you.

Catherine is all things client services and an invaluable daily support to our accountants and clients. We would be lost without her, and so would the soccer teams of Wodonga as she taxies around many of Wodonga’s key players!

One of her favourite activities is watching her children play soccer, followed only by travelling and having fun with the family. Especially her sister, who she works with here at Salisburys. Catherine is an easy-going and friendly team member, and seeing a smile on the client’s face puts a smile on hers.