Tracey Smith Consulting

Being a business owner can be a lonely place

“Being immersed in my business all day I like to have someone I can run ideas past. Business decisions have to take into account the tax implications. You can have a great idea but a tax law might scupper it. Sally Knight is wired into tax and understands how we do things. I like that she knows where we’re at and keeps us top of mind, especially when she emails ideas or information about considering a new market to tap into, for example. I’ll fire off a question but then something will change or the relevance will vary and Sally understands that.”

Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith is a digital marketing strategist and business automation specialist working with a range of businesses in Australia and New Zealand. She also runs her own successful e-commerce business.

Before repatriating from New Zealand two years ago (for the third time), Tracey and her husband did their research to find an Australian accountant who could help them when they moved back. They found themselves being recommended to Salisbury Accountants & Business Advisors.

“Salisburys had a plan and Sally took action; she understood the pieces of the puzzle and got us back across the Tasman and working quickly again in Australia.”

“It comes down to how smart you work, but you still have to put in the effort and the energy to carry out the strategy,” says Tracey. “Sally gets that I like to be busy and holds me accountable.”

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Dr Sanjay Warrier

From business start-up to optimising future growth

“Salisburys have a personable team and I feel a connection because they are very proactive. They definitely assist us with well-rounded business advice, from the time my clinic opened up to the present time. They are good at what they do so, ultimately, we have a strong and seamless relationship and I can only see our business planning and interactions increasing because of that.”

Dr Sanjay Warrier

Salisbury’s client Dr Sanjay Warrier is a dedicated and compassionate Consultant Breast Oncology and Oncoplastic Surgeon at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Royal Prince Alfred and Mater Hospitals.

After qualifying and then completing a period of Fellowships, Sanjay decided to set up his own practice in 2014 to establish a positive and hopeful outlook among patients and their carers at what can often be a very difficult time in their lives.

Assisting him in his business start-up journey was Salisbury Accountants & Business Advisors.

“Being a medical professional and trained to have a dedicated patient focus, I decided that I needed an accountant as I was not skilled in how to run a business,” says Sanjay. “Setting up a new business with expert assistance made sense of that process.”

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Melissa and Tom Muntz

Electrician’s spark rekindled, fires up owners to sell

“Coaching a trade business can be hard – either you’re busy or not – and sometimes the dice roll in your favour. Salisburys were helpful in getting us back on track and bringing our business (and us) back from the brink. We’d had business coaches before but this was much better than any others we’d had.”

Tom and Melissa Muntz

When a potential buyer expressed an interest, Salisburys were on hand to help structure the sale of their business.

“By the time a deal came along our business was in great shape,” says Tom. “Without Salisburys it probably wouldn’t have happened at all. If we were left to our own devices, we would’ve walked away and left a lot of money on the table.”

Tom and Melissa signed the dotted line on 1 March this year. Helping them to move to a successful exit and back on track has been thoroughly worthwhile for the team at Salisburys.

“It’s been tough over the years and we’ve probably been luckier than others,” says Tom. “Working as employees now suits us as the workload hasn’t slowed down and the marriage between our old business and the new owner is a good fit.”

While the sale of the business is the closing of a chapter in Tom and Melissa’s life, they are confident and happy that they will continue to have the support and guidance of the Salisbury Team as they move forward in the next stage of their journey.

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