7 Ways to Navigate the Changing Employment Landscape

COVID-19 has had a big impact on employment, though the impact is not yet fully understood

No doubt there will be positive outcomes, like employees leaving unrewarding jobs to pursue new challenges. Likewise, some businesses will ‘rationalise’ their workforces to better serve shareholders, customers and employees.

One thing won’t change. Most businesses will still need people […]

Tracking sales opportunities to predict new revenue

To grow your business, attracting new customers is an important strategy

Many will immediately think of marketing and creativity which can put many people off who feel like they are not a creative type. We want to stop you right there, as we believe that successfully bringing new revenue in your business is strongly attributed […]

Things to do in a new business

There are 101 Things to Do in Any New Business

But Which are the 97 you Shouldn’t Do?

Most business owners are motivated by goals. They may not have clarity on what those goals are because they have not set aside time to think about it, document it, or consider the relative importance of various […]