What your business is worth and why it matters

Building a business can be a long, challenging process

One way to assess how you are doing is to VALUE your business… and then try to grow that valuation.

This keeps management on track and is interesting to sellers, investors or lenders. In this article, we look at how to go about valuing your business.


When is the Right Time to Sell your Business

You may only sell one business in your lifetime

We hear comments ranging from “I don’t plan to sell my business” to “I’d sell it yesterday if I could!”

It’s just a matter of time. People don’t live forever. Companies, trusts and other structures can last a long time but they are ultimately owned and […]

The Power of Price

Or should we talk about Value?

If you’re a Bruce Springsteen fan, you might enjoy his song “The Price You Pay” (also covered by Emmylou Harris).

Roger Daltrey of the Who sings “The Price of Love” while Twisted Sister released “Pay the Price” in 1999. The Doobie Brothers contemplate life in “Too High a Price” while the Thompson Twins think […]

Using Data to Drive Decision-making to Build Business

There’s a lot of talk about data and how it will change the way we do business

That’s probably true… but some business owners are not benefiting from data in their decision-making.

Others are spending money on pricey systems in the hope of utilising data. Results appear to be mixed. As accountants, we have had […]

Lifecycle of a business from start-up to sale

Speech Pathologist Karla Morison was new to business ownership

After having her third child, Karla Morison felt it was time to resume her career with the idea of starting her own speech pathology clinic in 2013.

Matt Salisbury was Karla’s accountant since 2004.  Having never managed a business before, Matt was a natural choice for […]

Knowing and Acting on What Makes you Succeed

Business Gymnastics

Back in July 1976 at the Montreal Olympics, Nadia Comăneci was awarded the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics for her routine on the uneven bars.

It is controversial whether an athlete can ever perform ‘perfectly’ but that’s what the judges decided. Ironically, Omega, the provider of Olympic electronic scoreboards had programmed the […]

Selling Your Business

It May Not Be For You… But Keep Your Options Open

Selling your business might be far from your mind right now. Perhaps you just started and/or it’s going fabulously well. Don’t fix something that’s not broken, right?

But the changing business landscape requires that we think ahead not just six months or one year, […]

The value of a systematic approach

Why a Global Franchise is Worth More Than the Local Corner Store

Imagine you decide to sell your business and a prospective buyer asks you to show them how things are done in your business.

Would you bring out your fully documented systems manual with every key process systematised and presented step-by-step? Or would you […]

Legal expenses and tax deductibility

Do you have a legal expense?

Is it deductible?

When a legal expense is incurred in relation to the operation of a business to produce assessable income, it is generally allowable as a deduction. Exceptions are when the legal fee is capital, domestic or private in nature, if it is specifically excluded by another […]