7 Ways to Manage through Uncertainty

Managers usually try to keep teams focused on long-term goals and strategies.

But these are uncertain times… and leaders are challenged to find new ways to help employees feel productive, safe, engaged and motivated.

Success will involve a blend of bold, decisive decision-making and “soft skills” which we’ll explore further here.

Managers Taking Care of […]

Improving Your Business

Your business, your future, your prosperity

Business Plans are like maps for tourists.

Like sight-seeing (COVID-19 permitting these days), we plan where we’re going, what we’ll visit, where we’ll stay and, if we get side-tracked, how to navigate back to our original itinerary.

Planning a business is very similar in that you need to develop […]

5 Steps to Stronger Cash Flow Management

Recent conditions reveal that some businesses struggling while others ‘going gangbusters’

Businesses at both of these extremes share one priority… which is to carefully manage cash.

Here are our recommendations to help you avoid risk and make the most of your cash resources:

1. Finance Processes Matter

It sounds obvious… but some organisations still lose invoices, […]

Managing (and Getting Help) Through a Business Crisis

Recent global events have tested the mettle of management and boards everywhere

Some businesses will emerge stronger and, sadly, some will cease to exist in their current form.

Skilled leaders have a better chance of navigating adverse conditions so let’s look closely at some of those skills.

Getting a Quick Understanding of the Problem

Usually, […]