VIC solar and energy programs

Small business Energy Saver program

The Small Business Energy Saver program provides a bonus incentive to small businesses to upgrade equipment to increase energy efficiency.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program provides support to medium and large businesses. This program specifically caters for Victorian Energy Upgrades to small businesses.

Small businesses must:

have 1 to 19 […]

Precise Cash Flow Management: Best Practices

Improving your cash position brings opportunities and reduces business risk

In the absence of equity and debt financing, alternative cash-flow management strategies can make a positive difference.

These ideas will not apply to ALL businesses but perhaps there are some you can implement. 

1. Get Better Vendor Payment Terms

Vendors are partners and are invested in […]

Last Minute Tax Minimisation Tips

6 Final reminders of how to reduce tax for 2020

EOFY Reminders & Action Items

As a business owner, there are many obligations that you need to consider and action just before and after 30 June.

Some of these will help to minimise your tax. Others will reduce your exposure to an ATO tax audit. […]