The Finance Function

12 ways to Drive Strategy and Value Creation

No matter the size of your business, the finance function should focus on STRATEGY and VALUE CREATION.

This will create a competitive advantage and give leaders peace of mind.

Yes, annual returns need to be filed and past performance should be tracked… but the finance function should […]

Managing (and Getting Help) Through a Business Crisis

Recent global events have tested the mettle of management and boards everywhere

Some businesses will emerge stronger and, sadly, some will cease to exist in their current form.

Skilled leaders have a better chance of navigating adverse conditions so let’s look closely at some of those skills.

Getting a Quick Understanding of the Problem

Usually, […]

NSW Women in Business program

Online mentoring program helping women in business

Free online mentoring program provides practical resources for women running small businesses, micro-businesses and start-ups.

TAFE NSW will run the $7 million Women in Business program. The program will give participants access to training topics such as creating a business plan, keeping your business cyber-safe and leveraging social […]