The importance of quality business bookkeeping

4 key ways to turn a bookkeeping headache into practical business help

As a small business owner, ever found yourself wondering what life would be like if you didn’t have to do your own books?

Could the quality of your bookkeeping be putting you and your business at risk because you don’t know what you’re doing?

Or are you just plain terrified?

What if you could hand over all your bookkeeping to a safe pair of hands and know that your business was compliant and staff were getting paid on time, every time?

Working with a professional bookkeeper – preferably using an accredited cloud bookkeeping system – can help business owners to:

  • Have an understanding of what bills are due for suppliers and when
  • Know who owes you money and when this money is expected to come in
  • Understand if the business is making a profit, rather than just running on what cash is in the bank
  • Understand when payments to the Tax Office are due and making sure money is put aside for this

Would this allow you to have more ‘me’ or family time?

Or could you find yourself doing more with your business knowing the books were in hand and up to date? For example…

  • Working with your accountant to invest time discussing meaningful business strategy and advice, rather than using your accountant just to verify the numbers
  • Ensuring that your accountant can maximise your tax deductions as expenses are correctly categorised
  • Knowing your accountant can pick up the phone and speak with your bookkeeper to clarify any issues, giving your peace of mind and making it much easier for you to get on with running your business

Here at Salisbury’s, we use Notch Above Bookkeeping after we decided to use to a specialist dedicated Xero cloud bookkeeping provider who is accessible on local time. We have peace of mind knowing that our clients’ financial data is safe and managed securely. We still attend to compliance obligations, but Notch Above Bookkeeping manages the day to day matters with our individual clients and keeps us in the loop.

Notch Above’s Xero experience is a major factor as to why we changed because we are also a Xero firm – we know we’re receiving high-quality expertise because Notch Above are Xero Platinum Partners so at the leading edge of cloud bookkeeping best practice.

To discuss your bookkeeping options please contact one of our friendly team today on 02 6041 3014.

“Here at Notch Above our aim is to provide fully reconciled, accurate and timely information to clients and their accountants, enabling business owners, with the strategic advice from their accountants, to make informed financial decisions to push their business forward.”  Jac Gallagher, Notch Above Bookkeeping. Read more at