Tracey Smith

Tracey’s Story – interview with Salisbury Accountants

Being a business owner can be a lonely place

But Wodonga’s Tracey Smith has found a great workaround!

Tracey is a digital marketing strategist and business automation specialist working with a range of businesses in Australia and New Zealand. She also runs her own successful e-commerce business.

“It’s actually really cool when business owners are so excited – it’s infectious,” says Tracey. “To see how much creativity people are putting in to get their products and services out there despite COVID-19.”

Before repatriating from New Zealand two years ago (for the third time), Tracey and her husband did their research to find an Australian accountant who could help them when they moved back. They found themselves being recommended to Salisbury Accountants & Business Advisors.

“We had a couple of Zoom meetings while we were still in New Zealand,” says Tracey. “We liked how Sally Knight was introduced to us by a senior accountant which made it a smooth transition and built good rapport.”

Workaround solution

From the outset of the relationship, Salisburys took care of a range of tax and NZ tax repatriation issues. But being the savvy business consultant she is, Tracey knew she needed to tap into a brains trust to sustain her beyond tax.

“Working from a home office by myself I am lucky that my digital colleagues are not far away. In terms of business planning, I can look at someone else’s plan and immediately see where the gaps are, yet not so much for my own business,” says Tracey. “Being immersed in my business all day I like to have someone I can run ideas past.”

That person became Sally, and Tracey arranged to retain her for the purpose of having Sally at the end of the phone or email whenever she wants to bounce around commercial ideas.

“Business decisions have to take into account the tax implications. You can have a great idea but a tax law might scupper it,” says Tracey. “Sally is wired into tax and understands how we do things. I like that she knows where we’re at and keeps us top of mind, especially when she emails ideas or information about considering a new market to tap into, for example.”

“I’ll fire off a question but then something will change or the relevance will vary and Sally understands that.”

“Recently I wondered if I should buy my own equipment. Sally worked through that conversation with me and I really liked that she gave me her opinion and other commercial perspectives.”

Things have changed considerably from when Tracey first became a client of Salisburys.

She was impressed that Directors Matt and Ben took time at the start to introduce themselves before Sally managed the relationship.

“Salisburys had a plan and Sally took action; she understood the pieces of the puzzle and got us back across the Tasman and working quickly again in Australia.”

“It comes down to how smart you work, but you still have to put in the effort and the energy to carry out the strategy,” says Tracey. “Sally gets that I like to be busy and holds me accountable.”

Since then Patrick Rorke has weighed in to help Tracey administer JobKeeper in her business.

“I started working with Patrick on JobKeeper assistance this year and he’s been brilliant,” says Tracey. “I can ask the curly questions and actually get answers.”

“At the end of the day I hate paying and feeling like I’m getting nothing. In our business we like to focus on the numbers, so it’s good to work with accountants who do the same. It makes my job a whole lot easier,” Tracey added.

With over 20 years’ experience in business management, Tracey understands what it takes to run businesses smoothly with strategy, solutions and a pool of experienced professionals who are just as passionate about small business as she is. Find out more at and

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