A Strategic Look at the People Numbers

Honey Anyone?

Whether or not you like honey, you probably know that honey bees live in large well-organised groups.

As social (versus solitary) insects, they engage in complex tasks like delegating their workload, communicating clearly, building a nest, keeping a (compound) eye on environmental changes, collecting food, rearing the brood and defending against invading forces.


Free Salisburys Beer & Business Event 14 November

There’s profit in the P&L, but not enough beer in the fridge!

Are you accurately monitoring cash (and other key metrics) in your business?

You’re invited to join us for a few drinks and nibbles and an opportunity to catch up outside the office.

Our Beers & Business always includes a brief […]

Customer analysis

The Importance of Categorising Your Customers

Always Be Ready to Adapt Your Business to Change

You probably heard the phrase the customer is always right, well maybe that’s not quite right.

Perhaps it should be rephrased and what we should be thinking about here is, the RIGHT customer, is always right.

There’s a subtle difference […]

Sales Data to Drive Success

The Shifting Landscape of Sales

The science of plate tectonics is how we explain the movement of continents. Yes, continents are moving all the time … but extremely slowly!

For instance, it is said that the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are moving away from each other at about 2.5 centimetres per year!

Fortunately, […]

Your Business Dashboard

What Should You Be Seeing

There was a time when cars didn’t have a fuel gauge. That meant you had to understand the size of your fuel tank, remember when you last bought fuel (and how much) and estimate the distance you’ve travelled since filling up.

None of that is particularly hard, but, depending on […]