The do’s and don’ts after acquiring a business

To keep or not to keep?

Acquisitions can be an incredible boost for a growing business – you instantly add scale, expertise and assets and move into a desirable new territory, product or service.

Having been through many business acquisitions, we’ve seen how the effect can be transformative.

However, whether it’s a merge of equals […]

New financial year business planning

New financial year = Strategy Review

It’s understandable that many businesses are focused on the numbers at this time of year.

But it’s important for all businesses to hit the new financial year with a plan — a strategy for growth and success not only for the next financial year but into the future.

This […]

7 Best Practices in Digital Transformation of a Business

The ‘digital revolution’ is not exactly new…

But we still see businesses battling with basic things.

Financial reporting is an example… where leaders may need multiple reports from different systems to see their bank balance, accounts receivable, invoicing status, payroll, sales performance, timesheets, and so on.

Not surprisingly, businesses continue to invest in digital, data, and analytics to […]

7 Ways to Manage through Uncertainty

Managers usually try to keep teams focused on long-term goals and strategies.

But these are uncertain times… and leaders are challenged to find new ways to help employees feel productive, safe, engaged and motivated.

Success will involve a blend of bold, decisive decision-making and “soft skills” which we’ll explore further here.

Managers Taking Care of […]

Getting the Most from Your Financial Statements

15 Best Practices when reviewing your financial statements

What Best Practices should you follow when conducting a Financial Review to ensure your decision-making is based on a thorough understanding of your business?

This article provides pointers to help you get the most out of your Financial Statements.

Traditional financial statements, like the Balance Sheet, Profit […]

Brainstorming – Harvesting Brilliant Ideas for your Business

Great businesses and projects start with an initial idea

BRAINSTORMING is the process of developing ideas that can be implemented in successful businesses.

Occasionally, brilliant ideas can ‘just happen’… but more often, they are the product of a rigorous process. For more on how to brainstorm ideas, read on…

As accountants, we are very encouraged […]

Salisburys farewells Josh McNeill

Mixed feelings as we wish Josh the best in his new role

It is with mixed feelings that we say farewell to Salisburys Accountant Josh McNeill at the end of this month.

Of course, all the Salisburys team will feel the gap left by Josh, a popular member of our team and a talented accountant, […]

Bringing Cash to the Centre

Emerging Cash Management Best Practices

The initial response of many business leaders to COVID-19 was to ensure survival.

Most succeeded and, in the process, reinvented their business to suit the ‘new order’.

Some reduced the range of activities or down-sized in anticipation of better days. Others preserved cash by reducing external spending, cutting dividends, closing temporarily and […]

Knowing your financials is vital for success

The uncertainty of last year is in the rearview

But a bumpy road still lies ahead.

More than ever, businesses need to understand and manage their finances to navigate the new terrain of 2021, not just to survive but thrive.

2020 lost some great companies, and the years to come will take more. So how […]

8 Areas to maximise marketing results

The COVID19 environment is encouraging businesses to revisit their marketing approach

For some, this means WAIT AND SEE: do as little as possible in the hope that things stabilise. Others sense opportunity and are taking A BOLDER APPROACH: increasing marketing investment to generate more leads.

Whatever the case, businesses should properly measure marketing investment and outputs. As […]