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New financial year business planning

New financial year = Strategy Review

It’s understandable that many businesses are focused on the numbers at this time of year.

But it’s important for all businesses to hit the new financial year with a plan — a strategy for growth and success not only for the next financial year but into the future.

This is what separates accounting (aka bean counting) from Business Advice.

Do you have a plan for the continual growth of your business?

Have you shared or worked on your business goals and a strategy for how you plan to achieve them within a certain timeframe?

Have you taken the time to understand what your customers like and don’t like about your business at this point in time, because without customer satisfaction you won’t achieve growth?

Using the support and feedback of customers, employees and other stakeholders about how to improve the current offering can help develop solutions and services for the new financial year.

A lot of businesses roll into each new financial year without introspection, often repeating errors. Through careful planning and management, businesses can dramatically improve their performance.

This financial year, work with the Salisburys team on the strategies and tools to help set up your business for future growth and success.

And, just as importantly, allow the Salisbury team to support, guide and hold you accountable for achieving these strategies this financial year.

Define your success with Salisburys

Salisbury’s Business Coaching Program has been designed and developed to assist business owners with the support and guidance they need to achieve their own definition of success.

Tailored for each business, our program provides business owners with the support structure and key tools they need to achieve their goals while holding them accountable for achieving these goals in the agreed timeframes.

Read more here or call Salisbury’s Business Advice team in Albury on 02 6041 3014.

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