NSW Grants, loans and financial assistance

Open grants and assistance programs

There are a lot of government grants available. To keep up with all of them and knowing what each will cover is a vast and time-consuming task if you do it properly.

Here we cover the NSW state government grants and incentives for small and medium enterprises which are currently […]

Indicators of itinerant workers

Bonafide ‘mobile’ work can open up more deductions

Digital capabilities, a growing “gig economy” and the changing nature of employment means that many Australians are becoming more mobile in their income-earning activities, or in some circumstances practically nomadic chasing work.

With the ATO on the lookout for “red flags” for taxpayers making false work travel […]

Work expense deductions

Myths (and the facts) about work expense deductions

There can be varied sources for some of the myths about tax deductions —pub-talk, BBQ-banter, hairdresser-homilies, what-your-taxi-driver-just-heard and many others.

Mainstream media only recently was peppered with reports about the ATO being faced with many outlandish tax deduction claims — dental expenses, gambling losses, Lego sets and […]

Claiming car expenses

Common car expense claim questions answered

As a taxpayer, if you use your own car for work purposes, you can claim a tax deduction using one of two methods — the cents per kilometre method or the logbook method.

If you use someone else’s car for work purposes, you can only claim for direct costs […]